The Other Necessity

It is a beautiful autumn morning, the air light with coolness, the birds once again songful now past the breathtaking heat of summer. I’ll be posting my next “series” blog on the weekend, but this morning, I’m inviting you to share a moment with me, to insure beyond your cornflakes and each breath you’re taking that you also have the one other thing that life requires—a little bit of wonder. For years, I have...

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Topic 4 – Me, Myself and I

We are all a product of the unique way we organize data coming in from the world around us, a product of our worldview. The world is as the world is, but for each of us, it is instead a product of how we  experience it—meaning what thoughts we entertain about it and our emotional response to those thoughts. Read that sentence again. It is key. We have been duped into believing we’re interacting with the world when, in fact, we are...

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Topic 3 – The Perpetrating of a Hoax

A reasonable question at this point would be how could I possibly not be who I think I am? How could 8 billion people be duped? In truth, not all 8 billion have been duped. There have always been those outside the lines, those who somehow escaped the conditioning or who, sensing the seeming contradictions around them, fought like blue blazes to break free. Those sorts of people will be the topics of later blogs. For now, hold onto your...

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Topic 2: Who Are You Really?

If I were to ask you who you are, you would most likely start with your name, then perhaps whether you are a parent, followed by your line of work, where you are from, and from there the list gets more variable, religion maybe, or a concern or hobby that interests you, but you get the drill. The point is, there is a definite “you” in your mind, and you believe my question is directed at asking for the description of that individual –...

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Topic 1: To Be or Not to Be

When the extraordinary body of work, the Tao Te Ching appeared roughly 2500 years ago, the question arose as to whether its source was a single individual, Lao Tzu, or a compilation of people, and for some the jury is still out. About 500 years ago, William Shakespeare presented the world with an astounding body of work, and again historians and theorists entertained the question of authorship being one man or several. I never put much stock in...

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Introduction: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Years ago when I was studying science, involved in research and planning a life within its sacred realm, I was instructed, like all researchers of the time that the validity of scientific results were judged on statistical significance and repeatability, meaning did it attain the statistical range already delegated as acceptable, and could another scientist repeat your precise method and get your results. Those were the rules human beings agreed...

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