Topic 13 – What Is Love, Truly?

There comes a point when to answer certain questions, we are compelled to act more like boys trading baseball cards than scholars. We must give up something to get something. Where love is concerned, we have to give up our egoic viewpoint, the one that views human interaction as commerce driven by our wants and needs. Love is unrecognizable from the viewpoint of ego, no matter how hard we try. We have our moments, don’t get me wrong, where...

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In Loving Thanks

They always asked—my teachers, my friends, my parents, that is, “Well, what are you thankful for?” I found that question most confusing. How could my little list begin to answer such a question? So I’d crowd the paper with the names of those asking, to insure their thankfulness for me and secretly whisper to my dog and horse that I was the most thankful for them. In a universe more easily spoken about through infinitudes than...

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Topic 12 – Our True Savior

    What I am about to discuss in this episode of “The View from Here” may sound blasphemous to some people. You’ve been warned. There is an understanding that has existed throughout what we call time that depicts the true nature of human beings. That true nature operates from a seamless interconnection of the intellectual and the intuitive. It is characterized by a sense of being which is connected, whole, ageless,...

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A Veteran’s Day Story

It was sixteen years ago today. I had been in the States only three months, having left Canada the first of August with Bert, who had asked me to marry him. That day, November 11, 1996, I were sitting in folding chairs in the front row of an historic gathering, the oldest Veteran’s Day celebration in the area, held in Geraldine, Alabama. The gymnasium seats would soon be full with the students, people from surrounding communities and the...

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Topic 11 – No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers’ Dirty Looks

Hmmm. I’m sort of dating myself with that one. But our focus today is this. If we’re game to live in a new way, how do we learn how to do that? Well, the truth is it’s not about learning in the sense we’ve always known; it’s about opening to our intuitive awareness, familiarizing ourselves with that aspect of our nature, and then employing it. Like a loaded car, we came here with all the options, everything we need...

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Topic 10 – The Moment

Like most notions that represent experience outside our worldview, a simple definition won’t do. So let’s turn to James Lane Prior’s amazing description of The Moment to help us out. Born in DeLand, Florida, he hung out in the Far East and evolved into what I’d call a Sage, based on the insightfulness of the skinny little 19 page pamphlet he wrote entitled, “The Divine Moment.” In English, the word, moment,...

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