Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot-Episode 3

The Other Samson   We started our small flock with only females, putting off purchasing a ram until we knew a bit more about what we were doing. The ewes were sweet, little fluffy things. The rams, well that’s what I’m about to share with you. _________________ The greatest percentage of sheep trading is done at the tailgates of two pick-up trucks backed up bumper to bumper. The location could be the side of a country road,...

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Lingering in Wonder

Two years ago Christmas, I casually mentioned how, before I leave this earth, I would like to have on my bookshelf every book written by Mary Oliver. I’ve always loved poetry. I wrote at it as a young person. It seemed the only way to reach what was stewing inside. But when I met Mary Oliver, through her work, I knew I’d found someone who had come as close to the infinite boundaries of mastery as I’d ever met. That Christmas,...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot-Episode 2

Don’t Let It Get Your Goat: In the first year of farming, greener than the grass at our feet, we decided to add a goat to our growing family of animals. We wanted our own milk supply, but didn’t want to drown in the gallons of milk a decent Holstein would offer daily. Since goats were similar to sheep in size and diet, we thought we’d made a brilliant choice. What we hadn’t considered, not even imagining how it could...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 1

Episode 1 Predation is the nightmare of a shepherd. In the natural order of things, sheep were cast as fodder, having almost no means of self-protection. So “watching your flock by night” is a day job as well, which would be fine if it weren’t for the 10,000 other jobs expected of a modern-day farmer. Some viable solution for dealing with predators was crucial. The problem was no one had such a solution when we went farming,...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Introductory Episode

In this present marketing climate, we are continually being issued invitations to do this or that, be here or there, so I can understand if you now feel resistance beginning to bank up inside you and get ready to move you on. If you stay just this one time and read further, what I’m offering you is a chance to get away for five or ten minutes to a place in the world that few know exist along with the gaggle of crazy folks that once lived...

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The Jewel in the Crown

Yesterday, while on looking for the right word yet again, I spotted one of their little quizzes, and curious, clicked for the answer to their question: What word has 76 different meanings? My first thought was, thank God English is my first language. Can you imagine trying to accommodate from a different language, the notion that one word, in this case, “run,” could be used 76 different ways? But then my mind...

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Topic 20 – Those Who Came Before-Words of Wisdom

This is the last topic in THE VIEW FROM HERE blog series. I wrote this series to create questions in peoples’ minds, for everything that changes in our human sphere starts from a question. In fact, answers are always present. We access them according to the quality and precision of our questions. Thus, to live in an age where curiosity has taken such a back seat is to live in an age where people increasing fear there are no answers....

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Be Not Afraid

Within the last few days, our photographer, while in another town, witnessed an incident that affected her such that she told Bert and me about it when she got home. A man and his young family were standing outside a store asking for money. The man said to those passing, “I have no money. I cannot pay my rent. I cannot take care of my family. Please. Help me.” He was agitated, shaking his fist, desperate. That image has been playing...

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