How Do You Know If Your Book Measures Up to your Dreams

Several week ago while starting my morning with Mary Oliver’s poetry, I came across her short piece presenting the “rules” she set years ago for writing a poem. They were simply this: – it must have a genuine body – it must have sincere energy – it must have a spiritual purpose. She said that if a poem failed any of the categories, “it was rebuked and redone or discarded.” She’s added to...

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Animal Whisperers

Who are these people who to peer into the world of animals and understand. They fascinate us with their capacity to take an animal that is in some way out of control and return them to their natural state. We missed seeing John Solomon Rarey at work, the original horse whisperer because he lived in the mid-19th century before media could invade every space. But our current champions, Buck Brannaman as horse whisperer and Cesar Millan as dog...

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Topic 19 – At the Corner of Physics and Metaphysics

I thought this next-to-last episode in my recent series, The View from Here, was going to expou nd on how quantum reality reflects a metaphysical view of the cosmos, something that Newtonian physics would never be accused of. While Newtonian physics is very mechanistic, looking at parts and wholes, and cause and effect, quantum reality has an almost ontological feel about it, meaning, that when we study it, it seems as if we are studying the...

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