What Happens When Social Media Works

by Christina Carson While waiting on a printing project required by my day job, I sat down next to another woman also waiting. We both glanced at the magazines provided, but three-year-old news stories have never had much allure for me. Seems they didn’t for her either as she wasted no time in pulling her kindle out of her purse. I perked up. “What sort of books do you like to read?” I asked.   Remember the days when...

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A Review of Patricia Zick’s, Trails in the Sand

A new release by Patricia Zick, recently promoted through her book tour.     Patricia Zick is a woman of conviction and passion where environmental issues are concerned. So much so, that she weaves these issues into the books she writes to help her readership acquire not only the facts of some of these destructive events, but also metaphorically how the struggles of creatures in the wild are not unlike our own. Trails in the Sand,...

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Confessions of a Fallen Scientist

by Christina Carson I was a child of the Sputnik era, the time when science bumped God off the bench as our real savior. People began to look to science before all else for security, healing, and hope. The adage that instructs, “when all else fails, …pray,” did not apply to science because we never expected it to fail.   It was an exhilarating time to be studying science. It filled me with the sense of power that reason and...

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The Way of the Turtle

by Christina Carson I had an interesting experience on social media the other day. One episode of my serialized novel, Where it Began, rubbed someone the wrong way, hit them in a moment of frustration and provided the next best opportunity to rid themselves of a great deal of pent-up anger. One thing I enjoy about being older is that I am considerably more grounded than I was at that responder’s youthful age. I now have available a moment...

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Thoughts on Mothers and Parenting

by Christina Carson It’s been a number of years now—what I refer to as that moment of enlightenment— that instant I recognized the way out of the house of pain my relationship had been with my mother. Mind you, it was after 40 years of trying this and that and everything else, as it took me a while to understand that nothing really changes until your intent is solid. It wasn’t on Mother’s Day either but one Thanksgiving...

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