Could We Just Stop a Moment to Consider

by Christina Carson I am a techno-luddite. It’s not due to fear of change or resistance to things new. Rather it comes as a natural response for me to anything that has the power to grab our attention in an addictive fashion. This concern stems from watching the human species drawn to that which increases our sense of separation from each other, the world, our human experiences. I feel it in myself; I sense it in others, this desire to...

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Learning to Write – Impossible

by Christina Carson Learning, as we’ve been brought up to understand it, is actually the act of acquisition of information, a process that stuffs the individual with data, occasionally requiring the student to work with that data: summarizing it, applying it, analyzing it, or memorizing it. That is learning according to the established methodology that took over when mentoring was replaced by institutional education. I’m not trying...

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Saigon Traffic – A Lesson Learned

By Christina Carson I read a line the other day, from a 1958 edition of a 9th century work of Chinese philosophy by Huang Po who was a revered Zen master. I have always been attracted to Zen because the directness it employs to express great Truth so mimics the very Truth it is talking about. Truth is simple. Breaking through to that realization appears alarmingly difficult. Huang Po stays away from both descriptions, and suggests...

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A Reviewer’s Look at “Suffer the Little Children”

Stop over at Writing Whims today to check out author and reviewer, Patricia Zick, and her site.  Every Wednesday and Friday she gives the stage over to authors either through interview or book reviews.        Today, you can travel to the heart of western Canada’s wilderness and read about Patricia’s experience of Suffer the Little Children, my debut novel and answer to the question: What is it we do that drives our...

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Get Involved in this Scandal

by Christina Carson Bert and I have often joked that in any up and coming TV series, if it appeals to us, the producer would do well to pay us to talk it down, I say this because, invariably, if there is a show we like, and we begin to pass that news on, it seems to be the kiss of death for that series. Obviously, it’s not us, but indeed the nature of the programs we’re drawn to, but still, it’s bloody discouraging. I suppose...

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Finding Balance, Rocky or Not

by Christina Carson When my dear friend, Ralph Miller, sent this url, I sat consumed by the uncommon beauty I saw, the product of one man’s choice of how to occupy himself which ultimately led to evolving him spiritually. If you, dear reader, were to ask if I had a secret wish, I would say that I’d love to live in a world where more people made choices akin to Michael Grab’s. Look at where his curiosity about rock balance has...

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