One Insightful Question Can Change Everything

by Christina Carson Fall was one of my favorite seasons because it meant school would soon start, and I was one of those nerds who loved to learn. Not that I didn’t enjoy the seeming endless freedom of summer, for I surely did, but when the days began to cool and the drying leaves left their unique scent in the crisp air, I was ready to go back to school. I hadn’t ever planned on being a teacher. I preferred being a student, but...

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Solar Flares and You

An essay from the: The Forgotten Food Group Series By Christina Carson Our Amazing Sun Far from this blue planet we call home, our sun holds its position like a great Mother overseeing her offspring. The mystery and magic of the whole cosmic affair does not elude even those whose job it is to explain how large bodies can appear to hang in alleged nothingness. Our sun is a sustainer of life on our planet, but she is as fierce as she is...

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Where is Here

by Christina Carson “In the beginning was the Word.” Familiar phrase, eh. Much is written about that sentence and the meanings implied, and though exploring that is not specifically the intent of this blog, I was once again reminded this weekend of the power words have to impact our lives through the meanings we apply to them. What happened this weekend? Husband, Bert, and I were asked to speak at the funeral of a friend, Jean...

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Silky, Smooth and Fine -Clifford Brown Jazz

by Christina Carson While I was rambling through past blog posts of “The Head Butler” the other day, I bit on one with the byline: Odds are you never heard of him… Well the Butler was right, I hadn’t heard of Clifford Brown, even though he was born just down the pike from me in Wilmington, Delaware. So I took the Butler up on his challenge that were I to listen to this unknown jazz musician, I’d have the edges knocked...

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Let’s Speak More about Love

by Christina Carson In a society that has fallen under the spell of thriller and detective stories galore, consider this. The nature of love presents the most baffling mystery of all, one which for most remains unsolved. A woman of admirable sensitivities, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, described the essence of our problem where love is concerned when she said: People talk about love as if it were something you could give, like an armful of...

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The Fuzzy-Faced Guru – Part 2

by Christina Carson     From the Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot series: Lambing season had started. In retrospect, it was a gentle initiation into the world of stock breeding, but for two green city kids, it was a passage by fire. This particular morning, I was quite excited because one of our purebred Finns was going to lamb. This breed is known for having litters of lambs, so you never know what awaits you when one of them breaks...

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