The Fussy Librarian is Here to Help

  One of my most vociferous complaints with these times regarding books is staring into the thousands out there, with less spare time than I’ve had at any other point in my life to pick my next read. Surely, I have been heard to say, someone will help us out with this by-product of an age where everyone is writing a book. I would prefer reading in my limited spare time rather than searching, but now new help has arisen – The Fussy...

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Let Them Know You by Your Heart

by Christina Carson Ours is a culture obsessed with fears about aging, especially the alterations in physical appearance. And now having become a woman close to the end of her 6th decade, I wonder about why we’ve done what we’ve done to ourselves. Why did we choose to equate attractiveness with youth and ugliness with age? This purview is not so in all cultures. It’s not even so in ours if you are less than six-years-old. If...

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We Have Not Come Here to Take Prisoners

by Christina Carson I borrowed the title from a poem of the great Sufi mystic, Hafiz. The translation is one of Daniel Ladinsky’s. The first stanza reminds us:   We have not come here to take prisoners, But to surrender even more deeply To freedom and joy.       The prisoners Hafiz refers to are us, creatures who tied themselves to a way of thinking that smirks at the notion there is anything to know about this world...

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Manna from Heaven

by Christina Carson As autumn crowds in upon us, one of the funniest stories from my Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot series always comes to mind. Don’t read this where you might burst out laughing and get caught by your boss, but do give it a read if you love to laugh. Remember…these stories are true. It was like we ran our own private country. You see when you get far enough north and far enough into the bush, you begin to...

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The Forgotten Food Group Series #2

The Way Through by Christina Carson Today’s spoonful of awe comes from the discovery Mary Oliver, world class poet, made early on as she worked to keep her head above the waterline of her childhood. She turned to the natural world when she could, to get away from the difficulties that filled her early days, and to books when she couldn’t get to the woods. She wasn’t looking for a hidey-hole. She was looking for a way through...

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