Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 9

by Christina Carson WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL In yet another chapter from Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot, I will once again stand my ground that sheep are not stupid. I have always felt it to be a strange admonition anyway coming from a species that finds itself in so many pickles of its own making. So even though I refer to the fellow who stars in this story as “little daft lamb,” trust me, he knew something about how the world...

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What Can I Tell My Granddaughter

by Christina Carson One short section in the first Travis McGee novel, The Deep Blue Goodbye, by John D. McDonald gave me pause more than anything I’ve read in a while. It wasn’t the only such passage by this extraordinary author that sucked the breath right out of me, but one which spoke in its own way to an age-old dilemma that women have faced throughout time—should I be intimate with this man or not. Increasingly today the...

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The Forgotten Food Group # 3 What a Fall We’re Having

by Christina Carson This year our northern Alabama autumn has outdone itself, as if New England has suddenly slipped south and brought its Jacob’s robe of many colors. We now have the reds, pinks, purples, golds, and oranges of the northern states snugged in between towering feathery southern pines. Now that’s a breathtaking combination. As a kid, if asked I would have told you each season was pretty much the same from year to...

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What’s that Tug I Feel

by Christina Carson NPR was playing on my car radio, a rarity in itself as I prefer the car quiet, yet what a stroke of fortune that I did tune in that day. Not one, but two different bits of programming that fascinated me were broadcast in the short time it took to deliver photos to some of our clients. The woman’s voice that caught my attention initially was that of a native from Fort Peck Reservation in northwestern Montana, home to...

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