Topic 11 – No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers’ Dirty Looks

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Episode 11Hmmm. I’m sort of dating myself with that one. But our focus today is this. If we’re game to live in a new way, how do we learn how to do that? Well, the truth is it’s not about learning in the sense we’ve always known; it’s about opening to our intuitive awareness, familiarizing ourselves with that aspect of our nature, and then employing it. Like a loaded car, we came here with all the options, everything we need to evaluate and assimilate the enormous amount of data coming to us from the world. Simply put, our lives are a product of the data we take in and what we do with it. Stop and reflect on that for a moment using your life, for it is a significant realization. We see, hear, taste, touch or smell something, put meaning to it and react. That’s our life. If you’ve been following this blog series, you might have just recalled how the meaning you apply will be based on your personal story, and your reactions to that story then become your habituated response.

We need a new approach because learning, as we’ve always experienced it cannot produce change. It reminds me of a conversation I had one day as a corporate consultant. I was talking with the CEO of a large international corporation in the forestry industry. He was finger wagging in my general direction, telling me no one knew his company better than he, to which I relied, “I believe that, but what change has all the knowledge brought about?”

Learning as we know it is the act of adding more data. Yes, the mind can play with that data in different ways—memorizing, comprehending analyzing, synthesizing, applying, and evaluating—but interaction with that data is never free from our own personal take, our story, nor is it free from the orientation given us by our worldview. Are you beginning to see why nothing truly changes on the face of the earth where humans are concerned?

Think about it for a second. Have we not all, at some time, tried to be kinder, less selfish, more hardworking, less depressed but our record is often much worse than the best batting averages of the pro ball players. That’s because we are going about it the wrong way. The answer isn’t in restraining ourselves, using self-help methods, affirmations, chants or prayer. The answer lies in opening to a greater awareness of our true nature. We have the resources to do that. What we seem to lack is the interest to explore it. So for those of you who have hung with this series this long—Hats off to you!

What would greater awareness look like? Big question; here’s part of the answer. It would involve familiarizing ourselves with another aspect of our nature—our intuitiveness, for want of a better word. What we’re actually talking about is accessing what Sages throughout time referred to as a vast ocean of silent knowledge, basically the so-called energy or ether or stuff the quantum physicists are beginning to accept as that which “fills” all the space of Outer Space, Rumi, and so many others, remind us endlessly:

Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
no light and no land anywhere,
cloud cover thick.

I try to stay just above the surface,
yet I am already under and living

the ocean.


Our worldview does not admit to such an organization of the universe and thus we are the only creatures on the earth living outside of this understanding. This also means we are the only creatures who dismiss the intuitive as iffy or even silly, and then lean almost totally on an intellect which has no access to data coming to us in this fashion. There is, however, nothing to learn, as we understand learning, in order to participate with data that intuitive awareness brings to us –insights, revelations, things we can feel and sense about the world, the access to creative endeavor and Truth. Instead, to use our intuitive nature, we must invite it to us. Relying on it more often is the first step in that invitation. We easily become aware of intuitive knowledge when our minds are silent, but we are continually experiencing it even if we cannot shut down that inner conversation. It keeps busting through as the-right-thing-to do in every situation. But what do we do? We sense it and either plum ignore it or we take it into our intellect, translate the sensation into words and argue against it. Since our intellect is the more familiar vehicle to us, we almost invariably go with its vote, one reflecting a relative view, the so-called facts based on a story we dreamed up as a child, rather than the intuitive suggestion flavored by insight, creativity and truth.

Are we getting the picture here? Talk about being outside the candy story looking in. Let’s continue with our discussion on the intuitive next week.

Next week Topic 12 – Our True Savior will look at life from the vantage point of an intuitive rather than a purely rational being.


Christina Carson is the author of novels that let you watch others

go through life learning these ideas she discusses in these blogs.

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  1. It’s becoming clearer, but what do you do when the intellect and conscience argue with your “knowingness” so vehemently?

    • Christina Carson

      You accept that you will do what you know is true/right for you (you “knowingness”) and put your focus and energy on whatever that is, rather than having it held on the drama and the conversation. We can’t always step forward in the moment we realize the truth, but what we must know is that everything about us is aligning with that truth so that it can proceed. Knowing doesn’t generally proceed in leaps, but rather in a steady one-foot-in-front-of-the-other sort of manner. When you finally step over the edge, you’re ready. What makes it easier than you might imagine is knowing beyond doubt that you will honor it. At that moment, it is a done deal. The rest is just logistics and timing. XO

  2. Great blog post! Ya can’t argue with intuition, either you trust it or your don’t. Regarding batting stats, 1 outta 3 is way too generous. Up until I started watching my mind and listening to my heart, LIFE felt like a very deep hole I’m trying to climb out of. The more I struggle, the deeper I slip.
    Let-go into unity consciousness is languorously liquid love. Now I can finally use my “super-sized” intellect effectively – under guidance from my higher self. Thanks for sharing Christina!

    • You are fortunate to have started so young, my friend, but that in no way diminishes what you have accomplished. There is only one thing that any of us is here to do and that is to know one’s true nature. All the rest is but backdrop to that. Few people at your age, or any age for that matter, grasp that fact. Without knowledge of, and trust in our intuitive wisdom, life is hard, harmony and well being but unreachable dreams. Thank you again for re-posting this series. Much appreciated.

  3. If only our society valued instinct the way it does intellect! It’s so often viewed as some kind of voodoo or flaky at the very least and yet that instinctual information is life-saving in so many ways. Great post, my friend.

    • Thank you, Kathy. It does seem that more often than not, we don’t know what’s good for us. Hoping thing are going well for you and use you intuition for sure. XO

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