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I’m a sixty-six-year-old woman who has lived a most eclectic life. It was just my nature to explore many types of work and the various lifestyles they evoked. My longest stay in any one place was a sheep farm in northern Alberta, a life I loved, but which finally came to a close, throwing me back into city life (Vancouver) and many difficult years that followed.


Along the way, I met a bevy of fascinating people and underwent a life that at times proved breathtaking and other times gut-wrenching, but kept angling me toward an understanding I’d sought since early years. As long as I can remember, I was haunted by a desire to sort out the many contradictions that plague our lives and relationships as human beings. I referred to that study as human cosmology. Exploring it was the stage upon which everything else in my life played out; and year by year, my understanding deepened and continues to. I have ceased judging my life as it has worked its way to this point, nor do I hold any regrets. Life simply is what it is. And each morning as my eyes snap open, I feel more a child now than I have since I was five. This life is the stuff my books are made of, only the names have been changed to protect the idiotic. Don’t kid yourself, no one is innocent.


Presently, I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband, Bert, a man who fascinates me more with each passing year. We are both writers, having been so, in one form or another, most of our lives. In our present writing, we bring you stories of everyday people exceeding themselves (bertcarsonauthor.com), reminding you of the wisdom and wonder that forever abides amidst that which we call our lives.



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