Calling All Indie Writers- Success in 2014

by Christina Carson Yesterday I received a thoughtful blog from Jim Ainsworth, fellow Venture Galleries Authors Collection writer, a group of serious-minded indie authors who blog for Venture Galleries, determined to find a way to success in this brave new world of writing and publishing. Jim refers to the challenge that owns us all—how to translate promotion into sales and sales into a successful career—primarily through internet related...

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The Fussy Librarian is Here to Help

  One of my most vociferous complaints with these times regarding books is staring into the thousands out there, with less spare time than I’ve had at any other point in my life to pick my next read. Surely, I have been heard to say, someone will help us out with this by-product of an age where everyone is writing a book. I would prefer reading in my limited spare time rather than searching, but now new help has arisen – The Fussy...

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The J. K. Rowling Primer for Writers

by Caleb Pirtle III As you can see from the by-line, this blog I am about to share was not written by me. And though it is entitled a primer for writers, I would say it is actually a wise primer for life. So I am sending it on to you, dear readers, because, from your comments to me, it is clear you enjoy thoughtful, inspired blogs such as Caleb’s. Bert and I met Caleb Pirtle III through social media over a year ago. He lives in east...

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What a Character

by Christina Carson Have you ever read a book, fallen in love with it, but been completely unable to figure out why? To Kill a Mockingbird has always been one such book for me. I have read it several times solely to understand why it captures me so, but only when I sat down to write this blog the other day, did it finally hit me. The characters are so authentic, so utterly real that not once in the entire story do I ever trip over anything in...

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Finding Your Voice

by Christina Carson I don’t know why I remember that particular afternoon, but when I read the writing exercise about developing voice that asked me to scan back over my life and think of things that have stuck in my mind for no obvious reason, not the monumental things, just small ones, there it was. It always comes to me as a picture. It was fall. The barley was that rich golden color ripe barley gets when it’s ready for harvest....

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Learning to Write – Impossible

by Christina Carson Learning, as we’ve been brought up to understand it, is actually the act of acquisition of information, a process that stuffs the individual with data, occasionally requiring the student to work with that data: summarizing it, applying it, analyzing it, or memorizing it. That is learning according to the established methodology that took over when mentoring was replaced by institutional education. I’m not trying...

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