The Art of Nonaction

by Christina Carson While reading the Tao Te Ching this morning, I grasped a new subtlety, one that spoke to me about this hectic life I have created around day job and emergent writer. I haven’t liked what I’ve done, but didn’t see a way to approach it differently. In fact, I was so preoccupied on the hamster wheel of writing and promoting in every spare minute that I wouldn’t justify the time to ponder it. But this...

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An Uncommon Love Story

I have suggested the notion before that the stories about where novels come from can be at least as interesting as the novels themselves. It was true for Suffer the Little Children and even more so for my latest work, a trilogy entitled Accidents of Birth. This trilogy was spawned through a character that was born from my need and a Mary Oliver poem. I was once again in one of those places we call darkness, where connection seems so tenuous and...

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How Do You Know If Your Book Measures Up to your Dreams

Several week ago while starting my morning with Mary Oliver’s poetry, I came across her short piece presenting the “rules” she set years ago for writing a poem. They were simply this: – it must have a genuine body – it must have sincere energy – it must have a spiritual purpose. She said that if a poem failed any of the categories, “it was rebuked and redone or discarded.” She’s added to...

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