What Is It We See in Each Other

by Christina Carson Well ask them. If we only could. The magic that draws life toward itself from boy meets girl to these sweet creatures above is still one the universe’s great mysteries. Sometimes we call the attractive force gravity. Other times symbiosis. We really go out on a limb when we call it love for that’s the most mysterious word of all. Who really knows or understands what it is that calls us to each other in harmony,...

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by Christina Carson We wonder why? Why can’t I succeed? Why can’t I be well? Why can’t I sell books, stop arguing with my kids, lose weight, have a job I love, find the person of my dreams, the list goes on and on…There is an answer to the why question and the beauty of that answer is no matter what the why, the answer is always the same. In life, where you place your attention brings to you what you ultimately experience...

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A Fare Thee Well to One Great Man – Nelson Mandela

by Christina Carson Though I am tad late posting this blog, I am compelled to stop and honor the extraordinary Nelson Mandela. I have long had a soft spot in my heart for South Africa. I first came in contact with the South African culture when Canada took in many South African professionals fleeing the height of that country’s violence in the mid-1980s. Those who were willing to offer their services in rural areas were given the nod....

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What Can I Tell My Granddaughter

by Christina Carson One short section in the first Travis McGee novel, The Deep Blue Goodbye, by John D. McDonald gave me pause more than anything I’ve read in a while. It wasn’t the only such passage by this extraordinary author that sucked the breath right out of me, but one which spoke in its own way to an age-old dilemma that women have faced throughout time—should I be intimate with this man or not. Increasingly today the...

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Let Them Know You by Your Heart

by Christina Carson Ours is a culture obsessed with fears about aging, especially the alterations in physical appearance. And now having become a woman close to the end of her 6th decade, I wonder about why we’ve done what we’ve done to ourselves. Why did we choose to equate attractiveness with youth and ugliness with age? This purview is not so in all cultures. It’s not even so in ours if you are less than six-years-old. If...

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We Have Not Come Here to Take Prisoners

by Christina Carson I borrowed the title from a poem of the great Sufi mystic, Hafiz. The translation is one of Daniel Ladinsky’s. The first stanza reminds us:   We have not come here to take prisoners, But to surrender even more deeply To freedom and joy.       The prisoners Hafiz refers to are us, creatures who tied themselves to a way of thinking that smirks at the notion there is anything to know about this world...

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