One Insightful Question Can Change Everything

by Christina Carson Fall was one of my favorite seasons because it meant school would soon start, and I was one of those nerds who loved to learn. Not that I didn’t enjoy the seeming endless freedom of summer, for I surely did, but when the days began to cool and the drying leaves left their unique scent in the crisp air, I was ready to go back to school. I hadn’t ever planned on being a teacher. I preferred being a student, but...

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Where is Here

by Christina Carson “In the beginning was the Word.” Familiar phrase, eh. Much is written about that sentence and the meanings implied, and though exploring that is not specifically the intent of this blog, I was once again reminded this weekend of the power words have to impact our lives through the meanings we apply to them. What happened this weekend? Husband, Bert, and I were asked to speak at the funeral of a friend, Jean...

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Let’s Speak More about Love

by Christina Carson In a society that has fallen under the spell of thriller and detective stories galore, consider this. The nature of love presents the most baffling mystery of all, one which for most remains unsolved. A woman of admirable sensitivities, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, described the essence of our problem where love is concerned when she said: People talk about love as if it were something you could give, like an armful of...

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Human Connection – The Pearl of Great Value

by Christina Carson Human connection is a pearl of great value, and, like an exquisite gem, it hangs around few necks. We crave it; oh we do, for somewhere inside us we know it’s the way things were meant to be. In our part of the world, many have given up on the notion of deeply committed connection and have gotten a dog or cat to fill that void. Yes, honest relationship, for honesty is a necessity in this case, is vanishing from our...

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We Are, None of Us, Cute

by Christina Carson He was brindle-colored as a pup; that’s where he got his name, Tigger, but he headed toward black as the years worn on. Our first meeting was memorable. I had driven down from northern Alberta in search of a guard dog. The legacy he had to follow, whoever this pup turned out to be, was a mighty one, a pack of Hungarian Komondorok, the protectors of our sheep, led by a 130 pound bitch, thirty inches at the shoulders,...

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Eating the Bear

by Christina Carson I’m at that point in my life where I am beginning to lose people, at least from this earth anyway. A dear friend from university days made a sudden exit last week. Selfishly, I wish she hadn’t left just yet, for we had only reconnected a few years back. Her passing put me in a thoughtful state. (Yes, I know most everything does, doesn’t it?) And I began to look again at the conditioning we humans receive...

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