Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 9

by Christina Carson WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL In yet another chapter from Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot, I will once again stand my ground that sheep are not stupid. I have always felt it to be a strange admonition anyway coming from a species that finds itself in so many pickles of its own making. So even though I refer to the fellow who stars in this story as “little daft lamb,” trust me, he knew something about how the world...

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Manna from Heaven

by Christina Carson As autumn crowds in upon us, one of the funniest stories from my Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot series always comes to mind. Don’t read this where you might burst out laughing and get caught by your boss, but do give it a read if you love to laugh. Remember…these stories are true. It was like we ran our own private country. You see when you get far enough north and far enough into the bush, you begin to...

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The Fuzzy-Faced Guru – Part 2

by Christina Carson     From the Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot series: Lambing season had started. In retrospect, it was a gentle initiation into the world of stock breeding, but for two green city kids, it was a passage by fire. This particular morning, I was quite excited because one of our purebred Finns was going to lamb. This breed is known for having litters of lambs, so you never know what awaits you when one of them breaks...

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The Fuzzy-Faced Guru – Part 1

By Christina Carson Another Chapter from Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot: You know you’re green when even your stock knows more about running the farm than you do. Our big Komondor, Dali, took it upon herself to show us how we might all survive the life we’d chosen since we had no idea what we’d signed on for, and she obviously did.   Learning, in my book, has always felt as essential to life as breathing or...

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My Dear Goat, Dusty

by Christina Carson My natural inclination toward intensity tends to bore holes in people if I don’t let up a tad. So in a lighter vein, let me take you back to a time when I had just started farming, filled with the enthusiasm of self-sufficiency and new beginnings. We lived simply in a three-room cabin. No running water. Initially, no electricity. And for a delightful while, no phone. We were going to grow our own food, milk goats for...

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Amos and Andy Live – Episode 12

From the Northern Exposure Meets Jame Herriot Series Intro: You don’t expect adventures in the throes of January. Just staying alive in a land of ice and snow is challenge enough. But every now and again, life appears to disdain routines, this disruption bringing Amos and Andy into our lives, a comedy routine we were destined never to forget. If it’s darkest and coldest just before dawn, then January in northern Alberta is the...

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