Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 8

Let the Good Times Roll It was a good thing we didn’t need TV to entertain us, for we had only two channels and most of the time, though that snow lay on the ground 8 months of the year, it was present on the television all year long. But not to worry, we had neighbors that could easily rate higher than anything CBC had to offer. As summer rolled over into fall, Ernie got the season off to a grand...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 7

THE HUMILITY OF A SHEPHERD Whoever said animals can’t talk was rather unobservant. Yes, they don’t use words. Instead they use actions that tell you as plainly as any direct-speaking human being that you are really acting like an ass. When that’s coming from a border collie, there’s no question you’ve been told. __________________________________   From the Bible’s presentation of those who watched...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 6

LAMB DANCING Our dream of farming at the lake came to a grinding halt in late fall of 1980. Word had it the provincial government had decided to expropriate all the land on the west shore of Pigeon Lake and do so for a song. We had just finished building a workshop and buying all the building materials for the house we planned to build in the spring, but there was no time to mourn. We acted quickly and sold to a realtor for enough money to buy...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 5

The Second Big Bang When I moved to the farm, I figured most of our amusement in that isolated community would come from the antics of the livestock, animals being such curious and uninhibited creatures. In the end, I would have to admit that ratio, between animals and people, for both glorious and inane acts, was about fifty-fifty. Our movie theater was fifty-five miles away, the local tavern forty, so the responsibility for entertaining...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Episode 4

TICKLE YOUR FANCY It wasn’t only the livestock that provided the content for the stories in this series. The people in the community, though they may not have intended it, offered stiff competition for their place on the page. Episode 4 recounts one tale of many for which the “little house in the back” was notoriously accountable. If you think you might ever again be faced with having to visit a backhouse or outhouse, you...

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Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot-Episode 3

The Other Samson   We started our small flock with only females, putting off purchasing a ram until we knew a bit more about what we were doing. The ewes were sweet, little fluffy things. The rams, well that’s what I’m about to share with you. _________________ The greatest percentage of sheep trading is done at the tailgates of two pick-up trucks backed up bumper to bumper. The location could be the side of a country road,...

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