The Forgotten Food Group # 3 What a Fall We’re Having

by Christina Carson This year our northern Alabama autumn has outdone itself, as if New England has suddenly slipped south and brought its Jacob’s robe of many colors. We now have the reds, pinks, purples, golds, and oranges of the northern states snugged in between towering feathery southern pines. Now that’s a breathtaking combination. As a kid, if asked I would have told you each season was pretty much the same from year to...

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The Forgotten Food Group Series #2

The Way Through by Christina Carson Today’s spoonful of awe comes from the discovery Mary Oliver, world class poet, made early on as she worked to keep her head above the waterline of her childhood. She turned to the natural world when she could, to get away from the difficulties that filled her early days, and to books when she couldn’t get to the woods. She wasn’t looking for a hidey-hole. She was looking for a way through...

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Solar Flares and You

An essay from the: The Forgotten Food Group Series By Christina Carson Our Amazing Sun Far from this blue planet we call home, our sun holds its position like a great Mother overseeing her offspring. The mystery and magic of the whole cosmic affair does not elude even those whose job it is to explain how large bodies can appear to hang in alleged nothingness. Our sun is a sustainer of life on our planet, but she is as fierce as she is...

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