Topic 8 – It’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It

Unknown to many of us is the fact that our lives are the product of a story, one we began creating as soon as we had words. We came into a world that bore no resemblance to our prior existence, and we found ourselves ensconced in a fleshy container called a body. Initially, we were preoccupied with learning how to operate in the silly thing— move our arms and legs, test out facial expressions, then learn to walk and talk. Meanwhile, all around...

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Topic 7- The Tower of Babel

We come into this world without speech, but not without a mode of communication. We are creatures of perception—all life is being communicated to us through various sensing modes. The one we’re most familiar with involves our five senses which are receptive to energy, specific molecules or pressure, and forward their data to our brain for interpretation. But there is another mode of perception, one we leave gathering dust in the back of...

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Topic 6 – Shiver Me Timbers

Fear is not a flaw in our human make-up. It is not a weakness. Rather it is the result of being an inhabitant of planet earth with a worldview that insures a deep and expansive sense of disconnection. Of all the creatures on the face of the earth, we are the ones who can relate to the notion of: a leaf in the wind. We try desperately to understand a world that seemingly attacks us uncalled for, with disease, catastrophe, war, starvation, to name...

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Topic 5 – Squeezing the Infinite into Your Briefcase

Once upon a time there was a squire, who inherited an immense holding complete with a grand manor house and thousands of acres of land, containing forests, fields and gardens. Strangely, with this holding came a requirement that the squire remain in his manor house which had no windows and only a peephole on the huge oak door. Rather than experience his estate first-hand, he’d been told stories about it and permitted to view it only...

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Topic 4 – Me, Myself and I

We are all a product of the unique way we organize data coming in from the world around us, a product of our worldview. The world is as the world is, but for each of us, it is instead a product of how we  experience it—meaning what thoughts we entertain about it and our emotional response to those thoughts. Read that sentence again. It is key. We have been duped into believing we’re interacting with the world when, in fact, we are...

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Topic 3 – The Perpetrating of a Hoax

A reasonable question at this point would be how could I possibly not be who I think I am? How could 8 billion people be duped? In truth, not all 8 billion have been duped. There have always been those outside the lines, those who somehow escaped the conditioning or who, sensing the seeming contradictions around them, fought like blue blazes to break free. Those sorts of people will be the topics of later blogs. For now, hold onto your...

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