Finding Balance, Rocky or Not

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by Christina Carson

When my dear friend, Ralph Miller, sent this url, I sat consumed by the uncommon beauty I saw, the product of one man’s choice of how to occupy himself which ultimately led to evolving him spiritually. If you, dear reader, were to ask if I had a secret wish, I would say that I’d love to live in a world where more people made choices akin to Michael Grab’s. Look at where his curiosity about rock balance has led

We cry out for meaning and purpose when it lies all around us, but we must step toward something, then, engage with it unconditionally. Of course we can’t start there, but if we at least start by entertaining some curiosity, we open ourselves to what Michael Grab has come to know:

Over the past few years of practicing rock balance, simple curiosity has evolved into therapeutic ritual, ultimately nurturing meditative presence, mental well-being, and artistry of design. Alongside the art, setting rocks into balance has also become a way of showing appreciation, offering thanksgiving, and inducing meditation. Through manipulation of gravitational threads, the ancient stones become a poetic dance of form and energy, birth and death, perfection and imperfection. They become a reflection of ourselves in a way; precariously sturdy, mysterious and fragile.

He didn’t aim for this, rather he allowed himself to be drawn toward something he encountered along the way, and look where his journey is taking him.



Can you imagine this planet with more people giving in to the lure of curiosity rather than inertia? With all our nay-saying and sense of never feeling alive or satisfied, the simple answer is right there before us. Look around until you hear yourself say, even hesitantly, “Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to try that?” And what a priceless model to pass on to your children—a life committed to something that speaks to your heart.

It’s no surprise that Grab’s choice results in a tangible example of  balance and harmony, the essence that this activity, turned spiritual practice, now instills in him. But until we transcend this caricature of a life to which we’ve been conditioned, we are held captive by choices dictated by that conditioning, and we are then subject to the consequences that result. Those consequences are called marriage breakdown, poverty, sickness, boredom, despair and war. A life stimulated by wonder, one seeking a higher order of awareness is, by definition, a choice to engage, not withdraw, to create not just react. Whatever drew Michael Grab to rock balance is in us all, but we have to be inquisitive enough to notice. Were someone to ask me if I had a secret wish I would say yes: more people who through their choices would echo the sentiments of Michael Grab when he says:

cheers to leading with the heart… cheers to risk. cheers to mutual love. cheers to BALANCE. cheers to breathing. family, friends, good beer, sunrises, cheers to it all really… beyond grateful for this ride… living a dream…

What a world, eh, what a life.

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  1. Great post my precious – you are the balance in my life.

  2. How beautiful! I love that statement that meaning and purpose is all around us… all we have to do is notice and engage .. thank you!

  3. Christina, I love your post and Bert’s comment is a beautiful act of love! You two certainly have a balanced life and love!

    • Christina Carson

      Finding each other was indeed our greatest blessing. Thanks for sharing in that love.

  4. Wow, Christina – this is fascinating. I can see that it would be very therapeutic. Beyond that, it’s so lovely and creative. That movement into exploring a realm we don’t know is what refreshing and replenishes the soul.Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Christina Carson

      Is it ever good to hear from you. I love watching the video where he is actually making one, and you can hear that lovely sound of the running stream. And you are right. We need to feed ourselves in this way. It is unfortunate that we are so imbued with fear where the unknown is concerned. Take good care.

  5. Christina, great to have you visit my blog, you are so precious and I thank you for sharing this post. It is a great reminder in the midst of what we grow through retaining that wonderment in the lives we lead. I am looking forward to seeing the video of him going through the process of making one. Hope you had a blessed weekend. Amandax

    • Christina Carson

      So good to have you visit, Amanda. I enjoy your blogs and am delighted we’ve finally hooked up so to speak. I think you’ll enjoy that video. My best indeed.

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