How Sweet It Is…to be Sugar Free

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By Christina Carson

I guess you could say I’ve had an interest in healthful eating most of my adult life. Not that I’ve always eaten that way, but I was curious nonetheless. The initial guru I followed—grudgingly at first as my science education established strict rules for credibility—was Adelle Davis. Any of you out there old enough to remember her? Her push was good health through supplements. It was a tad disappointing when she died of cancer.

I packed up the day job concept soon after that to begin the endless job. I went farming. The big difference of course was that I loved that work, and work it was beyond most city folks’ wildest imagination. I didn’t have time to consider eating habits, but then I was growing almost everything we ate on virtually virgin soil. I would have been in that group of people the statistical analyzers always throw out—that ones that are too far askew.

But after farming, well then eating habits mattered. Unwilling to eat any meat I didn’t grow, I lost interest in meat. If you still eat meat, don’t ask me to expound on that last statement. I also went with the low fat intake crowd and became annoyingly attentive to how many grams of fat each item of food possessed. Being forever skeptical of gurus after that early heartbreaker, I kept to my own devices and added extensive exercise to the regime. I was in Vancouver at the time, and exercise arose as a natural inclination, the desire to be outdoors in a place so astoundingly beautiful, and warm. No more three months of summer like I had up north on the farm.

That system kept me healthy and fit but required a tenaciousness that began to wither over time. By then I had moved to the States, and Bert, being adventurous as well in eating habits, suggested giving raw food a try. Talk about time consuming. Then there was making it all taste good, since growing for taste in fruits and vegetables lost out a while back to attributes that ensure successful transportability. What finally killed that approach to eating, however, was south Mississippi. Yes, that’s right. Have you ever been to a salad bar in south Mississippi? Picture broccoli and cauliflower in half head proportions, some withered lettuce and maybe a few pale pink tomatoes. I said, “Bert, if we’re going to be working in south Mississippi, the raw food thing has got to go.” And so it did.

No plan at all is precisely that, and unstructured eating has a way of self-selecting likes over nutritioncandy-turtles. With a work schedule that cut seriously into exercise and had us ordering in far too much, three weeks ago, Bert pulled out something he’d read years prior about sugar intake, and we began the sugar free approach to eating. We cold-turkeyed our way in, and as if in reward for our good behavior, remarkable things began to happen almost immediately. We weren’t hungry all the time. We weren’t as hungry at meals, so we ate less. We didn’t have a need to snack. We began to experience having more energy and three weeks in, weight is now shedding off as if by magic. As a bonus, Bert’s sinuses have cleared up entirely (go read all that excessive sugar impacts in the realm of health). There are a number of books that speak to this way of eating. When Bert researched them this one was his favorite: Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.

I have done enough proselytizing for ten lifetimes. Ask any of my most devoted friends, those who loved me enough to see me through that phase. I will say only this: If you want a new world to open to you and whoever else’s health you are responsible for, at least nose around in that book and see how sweet life might truly be.

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  1. Hmmm. Food for thought. I know it’s not good for you…at all. I might try it the next few days and see how it makes me feel, though I can guess I would feel much better!! Thanks, Christina!!

    • Christina Carson

      And now some thoughts from Yoda to Luke Skywalker: “Always with you it cannot be done. Do you hear nothing I say? Unlearn what you have learned” Luke replies, “I’ll give it a try.” Yoda comes back with, “No. Try not. Do or don’t do. There is no try.” Far be it from me to argue with Yoda. XO

  2. So you’ve eliminated it completely? I need to so badly, but I just can’t imagine it. Yoda would be kicking my butt (which wouldn’t be hard to find).

    • Christina Carson

      Jeff, before you make up what such a way of eating might look like, get the book ( I just posted a new title as Bert found one he likes even better) mentioned above and see for yourself. You’ll be most encouraged. Good to know you’re out there even if we don’t see each other.

    • Jeff,
      If I can do it, anyone can, and I’m doing it and loving it – you will too.

  3. I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake, but my success is limited. I do know, however, how beneficial it is to x the sugar from my diet.

    • Christina Carson

      Welcome, J.L. Delighted to have you stop by. I think the only thing that saved me, with my ferocious sweet tooth was to cold turkey, and strangely, my desire for sweets took only a week to become non problematic. I would never have believed it would be essentially easy, and my husband had the same experience. Good luck with it. All sorts of positive things have happened.

  4. This is most interesting. Since there has not been a whole loto fextra cash for sweets, I have not been able to bake as much this last month. And you know, you are totally right on. I have not nashed at all at bedtime like usualy with a cookie cut in half with peanut butter and jelly on it, and then tea to go with it with sugar in it….and you kno what. I don’t even wan t it anymore! I realize that maybe I am losing weight too as I can actually cut the etnire lawn now wihtout stopping and also, have a lot more of that energy you are talking about to do even more. I never really associated it with lack..of well, cookies, which are of course sugar. Wow, I will see if the local library has the book. Funny, I was thinkng of Jac La Lane and his juicer, and his always telling us to drop the sugar….Thank you for sharing your insights, and your wonderful writing shines in all of it as usual. Thank you, Merri

    • Christina Carson

      Congrats for taking the plunge. And delighted to hear you observe some perks already. I think I am to the place now where it longer bothers me. I like this way of eating. May you only see more positive effects,Merri.

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