In Loving Thanks

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They always asked—my teachers, my friends, my parents, that is, “Well, what are you thankful for?” I found that question most confusing. How could my little list begin to answer such a question? So I’d crowd the paper with the names of those asking, to insure their thankfulness for me and secretly whisper to my dog and horse that I was the most thankful for them. In a universe more easily spoken about through infinitudes than itemized lists, I have finally come to a place where I can answer that question with a sense of certainty.

I am most thankful for having sufficient time on this planet to reach the point, where staring into the face of my sixty-seventh year I can say without doubt, I am truly grateful for having the time I needed to realize that what once I called bad, I later called good. What once I called frightening, I later called instructive. What once I cried over, I later cherished for having experienced. What I am thankful for is being here long enough to know that every single seeming piece and part of life is just as it should be, and in that knowing I can relax and let it all in like the first warm breeze of spring, and laugh.



  1. I’ve always loved and admired your attitude, Christina! Such a shining example for all of us!!

    • I’ve never had a large circle of friends, but the ones I do have are beautiful indeed. Thank you, my friend. I am most thankful for you.

  2. You succinctly put life in its proper terms. Life is full of pain and frustration and disappointment and betrayal. But in reality, those are the knots in the thread that holds our lives together. And what would we know to write about without them?

    • It is difficult to put things in their proper perspective, but when we do we can write and even better story. Thanks Caleb for stopping by.

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