Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot – Introductory Episode

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In this present marketing climate, we are continually being issued invitations to do this or that, be here or there, so I can understand if you now feel resistance beginning to bank up inside you and get ready to move you on. If you stay just this one time and read further, what I’m offering you is a chance to get away for five or ten minutes to a place in the world that few know exist along with the gaggle of crazy folks that once lived there. We will provide you with the best ten minutes you’ve had in a while as we share with you what it was like to live in the place where:


Northern Exposure Meets James Herriot



Peace River

Peace River

It was a cross between Northern Exposure and the world of James Herriot, the 15 years I lived in the tiny farming communities, the last being in Clear Hills in northern Alberta. Close to 1000 miles north of the Montana-Canadian border, it had its own special sense of isolation and its own remarkable quality of community. Having been from the eastern US, university-educated, a scientist in the making who slept with a blanket even in the dead heat of July, strangely I found myself and my then mate Fred making plans to begin sheep farming without ever having touched a ewe, in a land with only three months of summer. There’s no point in asking that question now forming in your mind. I don’t know why either. I can only say I’m damned glad I did.


The stories that follow are purely for your entertainment. If you’re seeking some humorous relief from one of those bad days, a touch of poignancy on one of those good days, or just the confirmation that comes from meeting people who make your life feel like a flourishing success, you’ll find such among these stories. May I remind you, they are all non-fiction, meaning true. I say that because I know that somewhere between the first and last that you read, you too will hear yourself say, “No way. That couldn’t have happened.” Well it did.


Watch for Episode 1: The Coming of Dali



  1. Oh, this is going to be great fun!! Can’t wait…

    • I do believe it will, my dear, and fun to share it with you.

  2. James Harriott was one of my favorite authors as a kid, something I shared with my mother. I still have all the original books, and still read them when I need a “peaceful” moment. Can’t wait to devour your writing!

    • I do understand, Karen. I read them the first time around in my very first year of farming. Imagine how apropos they felt then. Years later BBC made a TV series out of them, and I got to relive and laugh all over again. I do hope you enjoy this take and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I know you and through your stories, I know Dali – I hope you tell everyone every story that you’ve shared with me and I’m looking forward to “hearing” them again. You’re the best.

    • Indeed you do know me.You are indeed my most beloved fan.

  4. I’m ready to turn the page and get started. I need a good ten minutes, and I’m depending on you.

    • Christina Carson

      Caleb, you always bring a smile to my face. We’ll start to day.

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