I write fiction, but without any attachment to particular genres. It has always been difficult to categorize my novels much beyond commercial fiction, sometimes a bit more upscale.  They are stories about human dilemmas, how people come to be in such situations and how they might get out.  But here’s the twist. Having spent forty years coming to understand the human condition not just psychologically but also metaphysically,  my characters undergo probing explorations of the circumstances in which they find themselves, and thus unique paths to resolution. And were I to pick the sentiment that occurs most commonly in the reviews of my books, it would be something that suggests a strong emotional realization– that the reader is not the same person at the end of the book as they were at the beginning.

My novels ask a bit more from the reader than many books on today’s market, but that is not to suggest they lack a riveting story. I have written non-fiction for many years, explaining  the nature of life and self. I changed to fiction when I realized that it would be easier and perhaps more interesting for the reader to experience the information I wanted to share by moving through a story with the protagonist. The reader could then watch and participate in the same learning that the protagonist  experiences. If you are willing, you too may begin to realize as Joe Kuptana says in Dying to Know, “The world is not at all like you imagine.”

Come have fun, open your mind, and  be amazed at who you are and what’s possible in our lives.


 Suffer the Little Children:  Family breakdown results in a child running away from home. What the reader gets to experience is how a mother comes to understand what she had done that created that result, and more importantly, how it can be undone.

Dying to Know: A woman threatened with serious illness determines she will heal herself by coming to understand health and illness in a unique and startling way.

Accidents of Birth – A Novel in Two Parts: Our family of origin is mere happenstance yet powerfully directs the fate of two longtime friends of different race, age and station in the segregated South.

All novels are available in Kindle format and paperback at Amazon.


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