The Forgotten Food Group Series #2

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The Way Through

by Christina Carson

Today’s spoonful of awe comes from the discovery Mary Oliver, world class poet, made early the way throughon as she worked to keep her head above the waterline of her childhood. She turned to the natural world when she could, to get away from the difficulties that filled her early days, and to books when she couldn’t get to the woods. She wasn’t looking for a hidey-hole. She was looking for a way through her daunting childhood. Thus she found an authentic answer and went on to master the art of expression through poetry and prose. Yet her findings apply to any situation steeped in oppression. Here is what she came to know:


I saw what skill was needed, and persistence—how one must bend one’s spine, like a hoop, over the page—the long labor. I saw the difference between doing nothing, or doing a little, and the redemptive act of true effort. Reading, then writing, then desiring to write well, shaped in me that most joyful of circumstances—a passion for work.

from Blue Pastures


When the answer we seek embodies truth rather than merely escape, we are nurtured and nourished by it. We are set in the right direction and we succeed.


Every day, we need to feed our spirit along with our body.

One spoonful of awe is all it takes.


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