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logoOne of my most vociferous complaints with these times regarding books is staring into the thousands out there, with less spare time than I’ve had at any other point in my life to pick my next read. Surely, I have been heard to say, someone will help us out with this by-product of an age where everyone is writing a book. I would prefer reading in my limited spare time rather than searching, but now new help has arisen – The Fussy Librarian. Jeffrey, the founder of the site, no not Marian, has an idea of how to serve readers and authors better. Readers get sent books according to their preferences regarding what kind of books they like to read and how they feel about profanity, violence and sex in novels. Authors are previewed by review status, excellence of cover and pricing. Then to readers a daily email comes with your book recommendations.

The site is new but has 900 readers presently and free advertising for the time being to authors as the site is built. Either reader or author, GO HERE to peruse the site and sign up to receive the services this site offers to you both. But remember, keep the noise down!



  1. Good site, Christina! Thanks for spreading the word.

    • Christina Carson

      Good to see you, Pat and yes it is a fine site. Let’s hope it gets the word out to many about the books we’ve both written.

      • I agree. Good to see you, too.

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