The J. K. Rowling Primer for Writers

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by Caleb Pirtle III

As you can see from the by-line, this blog I am about to share was not written by me. And though it is entitled a primer for writers, I would say it is actually a wise primer for life. So I am sending it on to you,

            Caleb Pirtle III

Caleb Pirtle III

dear readers, because, from your comments to me, it is clear you enjoy thoughtful, inspired blogs such as Caleb’s.

Bert and I met Caleb Pirtle III through social media over a year ago. He lives in east Texas, and we live in north Alabama, so this is one of those social media success stories. Together with his friend Stephen Woodfin, also of east Texas, the four of us work together weekly to explore how to create a platform for the novels we each write that will result in an appreciative, loyal readership. So far, we haven’t yet developed a readership akin to that of J.K. Rowlings, but thanks to her and others like her, we know it is possible. Success of a well-written book has always hung on the same peg—finding the audience that loves what you have to say and how you say it.

Caleb has been writing all his life, from newspaper reporting to travel editor for “Southern Living” magazine, and now novels. He comes to the table with the most experience of all four of us, but ours is a new age in publishing and promoting books, so in that regard we all are probing this mystery together. We work weekly via Google chats to explore ways and means to that end. Plus, on the days doubt wants to grab a foothold, someone sees the funny side, and the four of us laugh our way back from the edge. Sit back now and enjoy Caleb’s expertise as a writer and the insightful message he’s brought to us all. Here is Caleb’s intro to the Cinderella story he is about to tell:

“Caleb Pirtle III presents insights into the writing advice of J. K. Rowling, who went from the streets of poverty to one of the wealthiest women in Great Britain. She did it with a book, then a series of books, and finally the movies. But she began as we all do with a single idea.”

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and finish reading a story that will stay with you for a while….

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Christina. I, too, believe that J. K. is a great inspiration for writers of all genres. It’s not what she wrote that counts, it’s that she never gave up.

    • Christina Carson

      Oh how true. When you get to be our age, we generally trust the outcomes much more than the theory. Show me baby! Just like in writing. Loved this blog, Caleb. You did JK proud and gave us all excellent food for thought.

  2. Thanks for sharing Caleb Christina. Everyone should know what a wonderful friend and action supporter of so many of us writing because we do, and hoping others will find us. I know neither you or Caleb will never give up, and that encourages me too.

    • Christina Carson

      Heh, my longest-time friends didn’t call me bulldog for nothing. As one said, however, “It’s a great to know someone with that quality but not to live next door to them.” Well…you can’t please ’em all.

  3. I love this. My son and I are writing a book, and we wrote to JK ROwling about it. We hear that she answers every letter she gets eventually. Her tenacity is what I love , and that plus hearing of others as well, drives our passion. thank you for this inspiring, uplifting story. Merri

    • Christina Carson

      If there is anyone who should recognize tenacity, it is you dear Merri. We all love such stories because they reflect what is so true about our real nature and though we don’t always recognize what we’re seeing ( as in our true nature), we are always impacted by its power and grace.

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