Topic 3 – The Perpetrating of a Hoax

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Episode 3A reasonable question at this point would be how could I possibly not be who I think I am? How could 8 billion people be duped? In truth, not all 8 billion have been duped. There have always been those outside the lines, those who somehow escaped the conditioning or who, sensing the seeming contradictions around them, fought like blue blazes to break free. Those sorts of people will be the topics of later blogs. For now, hold onto your skepticism, it can be healthy at times, but also open your mind to a different possibility—to my attempt to explain the inexplicable—to put forth some notion as to how a sense of a human being resident within us can occur when there isn’t an actual substantive person called, for example, Christina Carson. What can go on in the mind of a human being to create that experience? The closest I can get to an explanation, such as it is, is to suggest that the two major factors involved are the number of thoughts that can be produced within the mind and the speed with which that happens. Here is the only example I’ve ever come up with that can suggest how the experience of “you-ness” arises.

Think of the animation process before computers took over. You have a stack of sheets of paper, each one with a drawing slightly different from the one before it. If you studied the stack, sheet by sheet it would be difficult to sense what the sheets were trying to show. But if your flip the pages quickly, it’s like magic. All of a sudden the images come to life. And if you follow your response to it, you will note you even begin to respond emotionally to the action, and the characters that materialized merely because you saw enough images, quickly enough that they actually appear animate.

This is not a conspiracy, this hoax that rules our lives. It is a product of our nervous system coupled to a pattern of conditioning that orients us to almost total self-absorption – meaning a continuous focus on what’s going on in our minds, as opposed to what’s going on around us. We are persistently focused on what our minds are “bringing to life.” It explains why we essentially live inside our own heads due to all the stories and conversation taking place and enlivened by our mental animation of it. We become, in this way, the center of our own world. Our level of self-absorption is so extensive that we rarely experience much of anything that is going on in the world outside us, the physical world. And before you cry out no—that’s not true—just hold that thought until we get to the nature of the species that results from a nervous system that is exceedingly fast and productive, coupled with a syntactical conditioning that divides the world into “me and everything else.” Yes, you have interests in others and the world, but your interaction at every level with them takes place from the orientation that you are the subject and they are the object in most every aspect of relationship. Interacting with the world from this orientation creates a relationship with the world unique to human beings, one that basically makes us odd man out in the family of life.

Are you beginning to see how we are getting closer to how our problems come about and why we suffer so? Stay tuned for it’s not like we have forever to undo this. And more important, it could be so wondrously different. One such example is suggested by the words of Mary Oliver, from “The Visitor”:

I saw what love might have done
Had I loved in time.

She could have as easily broadened that into: I saw what life might have been like had I lived in time. See if you can get a sense of this strange notion that you are not the entity you’ve thought all along. Then, keep an eye out for Topic 4 – Me, Myself and I, as I make it clearer still.




  1. Well. Now I have validation. I always felt my life was a farce – a morbid cartoon for the amusement of someone somewhere with a giant screen! Fascinating stuff, Christina. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to more on the hoax! The fog is lifting, bit by bit, thanks to your brave, brilliant spelunking down the labyrinth of self-absorption. Worlds of thanks for this much-needed series!!

    • Thank you, Jo. What you describe is all of us. We are crazy here on this planet. I guess that’s why long ago that Freud defined sanity quantitatively – as the actions and attitudes of the greatest number of folk. But in my book saying you are doing one thing while believing you’re doing another is more crazy than sane. It just doesn’t appear funny until you are willing to own it. Then it’s hilarious. I was somewhat loathe to do this series as I know how strange it can sound and the response that can engender in readers, but I am pleased to see it interesting people. For those, such as yourself, who are very curious, it is fun to have another in the conversation, another to enjoy the laughter that ensues when we finally see the truth.

  2. Perhaps it is writers, in producing work that involves interactions with characters they have created, who are peering through a keyhole into the way we humans really function.

    • They are looking and creating, but still from the same frame of reference of subject-object. The characters in most people’s novels have that frame of reference and interact it from it. And we engage those characters in the various dramas that way of looking at the world creates. What I am saying, and still have more to say in my attempt to make it as clear as possible, is that, there is another frame of reference, always has been, is the frame of reference that all other life forms relate from and was the one Jesus was talking about when he said, The Father and I are one. That frame of reference changes everything, and that’s where I’m headed with this series – what life would be like if we related from a frame of reference that didn’t teach us to see the world as if each one of us is the center of our universe. Keep on with me and perhaps, I’ll make it clear enough.

  3. This is shaping into an interesting and thought-provoking series!!

    • Glad you’re on board. It is meant to do just that, rock a few boats. It is nothing new, only new to the western world that generally accepts only those new ideas that can be proven, as in scientific proof. The beauty of quantum physics is that that “discovery” legitimatized this “new” view as how the world actually works, or at least forced science to own that the Newtonian view no longer gave an accurate description. Since western cultures appear to require that any new (to them) world view be okayed scientifically, that is happening now. For quantum reality is not structured subject to object and it is not determinant. These are very interesting times! Keep tuned!

  4. We are never who we think we are. Then again, we are never who others think we are either. We all all characters on the stage of our own imagination playing a role in life.

    • You are absolutely correct, and that is our problem. We are living life through invented personas that have no basis in fact. There couldn’t be a more difficult, frustrating, isolating, and destructive way to live than this worldview we’ve been conditioned to. The good news is that is is another way.

  5. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    • Don’t despair. It is very difficult to grasp but so very important to do so. However, the line outside the door marked: Know Thyself, is not a long one. So if you like being at the front of the line, you’re in the right discussion. Just see what you can pickup and that then becomes like a seed that grows within you. Eventually it can germinate if you intend that. But this does employ a type of learning that is also different from our traditional approach. It is more intuitive. So just sleep on some of these notions that catch your attention and see what arises.

  6. These digestible chunks of information and ideas are really great, Christina. I imagine it is taking some restraint to not dump a whole load on us — your readers and students — all at once! 🙂

    • You imagine correctly. Sometimes I sit and look at what I want to explain and think, “Good grief, talk about sticking an elephant into the mouth of a snake.” So I am glad it is still sounding coherent.

  7. This is the age old question. How do we know we exist? I tend to go with Descartes. Whatever the truth behind the veil may be, we know our own thoughts. They are ours and we can turn them in the directions we choose. Thus, that single part of us is our own.

    • I agree with you, James, that we can know we exist through our thoughts, but we can know we exist in the utter silence of our being as well. So the larger question becomes: what am I existent as? That’s the question this series is focused on. That’s the one that holds within it the possibility for true change. Stay with us and see if the discussion rouses your curiosity.

  8. I missed this one the first time around. Christina – I immediately thought of Galileo and his persecutors. They could not allow that the earth was the center of the Universe and I suspect that we, as a species, would try to deny that we think of ourselves as the center of the Universe. Then individually…well! I would think it’s a combination of acceptance and denial, more leaning to denial.

    • I meant that the earth was NOT the center of the Universe – geez.

      • I’m the lucky one. I can edit mine here, but I am always doing that same thing on other sites.

    • Hi gal. Always delighted to have you stop by. Yes, the major issue is with coming to realize we aren’t what we think we are or who we are, for that matter. In fact, I love the description Pama Rab Sel offered of us human beings: “You are one of an on-going string of beings….” As for denial, we have honed it to a fine art.


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